Authentic Mexican DishYou step into the room and the smells of the foods and spices from the kitchen embrace your senses. The aromas of roasted corn, beans simmering on the fire, and fresh seafood mix with the smells of chilies and other spices to excite you. Even with your eyes closed you sense that you have stepped into a world of authentic Mexican food.

Food in History

In every area of the world, people have always prepared foods from what was available to them in the region they lived in. People living near the sea were likely to have more fish in their cuisine, while people living in the mountains may have dishes made of goat or sheep. In tropical regions people may have an abundance of fruits, while in colder climates people may have relied on root vegetables.

The foods that people ate were often combined with herbs that grew nearby and this fusion of herbs with meats, vegetables, and fruits became the dishes that were prepared by people in that region for many years. As people began to travel outside of their regions, they visited places and met new people who shared their cuisine with the travelers. Sometimes the travelers carried some of the herbs and spices with them back to their native regions and new dishes were created with the new spices.

The people of Mexico were much like people from other parts of the world. In each region the Mexican people created dishes from the foods and spices that were readily available. Those who lived near the ocean used seafood in their dishes more often than those who lived farther from the ocean, and those who lived far away from the ocean created dishes using the plants and animals that were indigenous to the region they lived in.

When travelers from inland came to the coastal areas, they learned how to prepare seafood dishes and took what they learned back to their homes to share with their families. It is likely that the people who lived inland also brought meats and herbs with them to the coast to share with people there as well.

When the Spanish Conquistadors arrived in Central America they brought new foods and spices with them and new dishes were created with the fusion of Mexican and Spanish foods, spices, and culinary techniques.

Authentic Definition

To be considered authentic, a dish from any culture or region is one that is made from a recipe that has been used for at least 50 years and from ingredients that are native to the region where the recipe originated. An authentic dish is also prepared in a manner that is the same or similar to the way the original recipe was prepared.

At Comedor Guadalajara you can be sure that the dishes offered are truly the authentic Mexican food that you are seeking. Come join us and bring your family and friends and discover Mexican cuisine that is truly authentic at Comedor Guadalajara.

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PeppersNearly every person loves the exquisite food which they indulge in while dining at Mexican restaurants. Mexican food seems to have an individual soul which is incredibly unique when placed in comparison to the cooking of many other cultures. People simply love the pleasant combination of spices, meats, cheeses, vegetables, fantastic rice, and beans. Many of those whom dine out at Mexican restaurants tend to wonder what makes the food they enjoy so much have such character. Of course the herbs and spices play a large role in the recipes, but peppers tend to be one of the special ingredients which make Mexican food as incredible as it is.

Peppers play a special role in Mexican cooking, and each recipe may call for a different type of pepper than others. Dishes which are of mild spiciness tend to use extremely healthy bell peppers of different color varieties such as red, green, yellow, and orange. Some peppers are used as toppings to accompany Mexican entrees such as jalapenos which provide plenty of enjoyable heat that can really make a taco stand out. Poblano peppers are commonly used in Mexican cooking and have become famous through their use in chili rellenos, which are roasted poblano peppers that are stuffed with cheese or meat, and are fried.

Hatch chili peppers have become more common in Mexican cooking for dishes that call for extreme spice, and should only be consumed by the most daring due to their extreme heat. Cayenne peppers are another spicy pepper which is commonly used in Mexican salsas and in sauces to add pleasant spice. Another spicy pepper which is commonly used in spicy Mexican cooking is the habanero pepper, which has a very distinct flavor and level of spiciness.

As you can see, there are many different types of peppers which are used in fine Mexican cooking. Peppers give the food the distinct taste that continues to keep the lovers of Mexican food coming back for more on a regular basis. Comedor Guadalajara uses a blend of many fantastic peppers to create the great Mexican food that they are well known for. Make a point of choosing Comedor Guadalajara to be your next destination for fine Mexican dining.

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Fish tacoYou may be a regular at your favorite Mexican restaurant, and often wonder how they manage to create those delicious entrees that you so enthusiastically enjoy. Although, it is fathomable that the main ingredients of nearly every great Mexican dish are years of tradition, practice, and dedication; the physical ingredients, and combinations of spices will be a complete mystery to someone whom does not have experience in the art of Mexican cooking. You may really enjoy Mexican seafood, and know no further how to make a dish than the shrimp or type of fish that is mentioned on the menu.

Today we will provide a few tips and tricks for making Mexican seafood:

Shrimp Tacos:
Shrimp tacos are a common favorite for seafood lovers, and can be a very simple entree to make for your family and guests at home. You simply need shrimp, vegetables of your choice, and a great home made salsa to add spice to your meal. Generally, you would lightly fry the shrimp and vegetables such as onions and peppers. Any great Mexican dish can benefit from a salsa or special sauce! The salsa should be composed of: tomatoes, green chiles, onions, cilantro, cayenne pepper, garlic, and whatever else you may wish to add. Accompany said dish with seasoned rice and beans to complete the entree.

Add Spices:
All great Mexican seafood is made with fresh fish, and an exciting blend of crushed herbs and spices. Many common herbs and spices which are used in Mexican seafood include: garlic, cilantro, cayenne pepper, chile powder, bay leaves, and a bit of saffron. An inexpensive addition to add flavor to your Mexican seafood is store bought Sazon packets. Be sure to add lime to your Mexican seafood to add a bit of zest to any dish! Also be sure to fry the fish until it is slightly crispy to add texture to your meal.

Cooking traditional Mexican seafood is a very delicate process, and it may take a bit of time to get the feel for it. It is important to keep your determination and will to learn going. Ask friends, restaurant owners, and seek advice and recipes from Mexican cooking sites on the web, and in cookbooks. You are sure to find the key to successfully creating delicious Mexican seafood with persistent effort and patience!

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Mexican Christmas SaladWhen the holidays come around, the first thing that comes to mind, other than Christmas celebrations, is food. Any celebration or merry making is incomplete without food. Perhaps this is the only element of Christmas that allows you to experiment with different items. Well, some are more traditional and keep to the usual holiday food, more in keeping with the Christmas spirit, but some of us love to go a different route and find it fun to celebrate the holidays with cuisines from different parts of the world.

So why not try and experiment holiday dining this season with Mexican food?
To begin with, Christmas in Mexico is all about fun, getting together, and making traditional Mexican holiday food that you would love to share with friends and family. Though Mexican food is always fun and rich in ingredients and taste, special Mexican holiday food is made especially by families to celebrate the holidays and the recipes are handed over from generations to generations.

Where there is food, can drinks be far behind?
In addition, to the Mexican holiday food there is also traditional Mexican drinks that may or may be free of alcohol. So, something that is suitable for the young and the old, the little and the not so little.

So what typically is Mexican holiday food?

Mexican fiesta is a lavish spread of food with concoctions and ingredients that spice up the food in special ways.

  • Start with the famous Mexican Christmas salad which is a great combination of fruit with a unique tangy dressing. This is a colorful and healthy Mexican recipe and it is easy to make. The flavors are unique and combine to give it a robust and rich note, leaving you asking for more.
  • One can make special Enchiladas with a red sauce while some can be spruced up with a creamy sauce.
  • The traditional Spanish rice can be made tastier with special fresh spices and made more interesting with refried beans, nacho chips, guacamole and salsa.
  • Get a little adventurous and add seafood to your holiday cuisine this winter. Shrimps, lobster dips, scallops and other forms of seafood can certainly make holiday dining more exciting.
  • The Mexican peacock is an age old recipe that is a must for the traditional meat eaters. Add beans cooked in different styles with various toppings that make it all the more flavorful.
  • Make a special Mexican flan for those special sweet endings.
  • Did I say endings? The sweetness would be incomplete without the traditional Mexican Bunuelos. They are festive Mexican cookies that are enjoyed by everyone. As a tradition these cookies are served broken into pieces with hot anisette-flavored syrup poured over them.

Certainly this Christmas ask friends to share their age old recipes and bring them to your table. The world is going global, so why not bring the world to your dining table and try a different cuisine each evening. Bon Apetit and Cheers to the Christmas spirit!

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When you are in search of great Mexican food, you want to find a restaurant that displays a certain degree of good character. It may seem that every Mexican restaurant you have been going to tends to offer the same Americanized menu selections as every other. Your expectations of Mexican food are beginning to rise, and no restaurant seems to cater to your needs. If you want to enjoy exquisite and traditional Mexican food, look no further than Comedor Guadalajara.

What qualities does a meal require to be considered traditional Mexican food? Mexican food is famous for its use of fresh and locally grown produce such as cilantro, peppers, chiles, corn, garlic and onion. Although, the key ingredient of Mexican food is love. Comedor Guadalajara serves authentic Mexican food in its purest form. Providing a warm atmosphere that is lavishly decorated; the environment provides the feeling you get when at a restaurant in the actual city of Guadalajara. For those of you that avoid chain restaurants: Comedor Guadalajara is a family owned and oriented business, guaranteeing that the staff is friendly and treat you as if you were a member of their family.

Comedor Guadalajara offers a diverse menu that is guaranteed to excite even those who have the most demanding of palates. Family favorites such as tacos, enchiladas and burritos are only the beginning of the great dishes this restaurant has to offer. More complex dishes include items such as the famous Chile Relleno (cheese stuffed chile in egg batter) and the Pollo En Mole (chicken in a spicy, semi-sweet sauce). Comedor Guadalajara also offers many seafood based dishes, which are rare in U.S. located Mexican restaurants. Cooked to perfection, the fresh seafood ingredients include shrimp, octopus, tilapia, red snapper and calamari. Come dine at Comedor Guadalajara today, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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Are you in charge of organizing an event for your office? And, that includes deciding on the lunch or dinner menu as well as finalizing on the caterers. To begin with, it is essential to decide on the kind of cuisine that you would want to have. Given the background of your guests and their ethnic origin, you can decide on a cuisine that is new to them and simply wow them with the authenticity on offer. You could also choose a cuisine that gets your taste buds alive with a good balance of great tasting spicier meals as well as milder ones, for those who prefer food that is easy on the stomach. You got it right? For your guests you can decide on Mexican cuisine that will simply impress them right from the word go.

While deciding on Mexican cuisine, you can look for restaurants that serve authentic Mexican food. Comedor Guadalajara in Phoenix is a family restaurant known to serve authentic Mexican food, made from recipes followed by generations. Comedor Guadalajara has a great selection of catering options for every occasion, whether it’s a wedding, or an official gathering, or, an informal get together of friends and family. Each catering is personalized to the extent that the Chef is personally involved in helping decide the menu that would be the right fit for the occasion. In addition to the menu being customized for different tastes and numbers, it is accompanied by pints and quarts of your favorite Mexican sauces and sides, to make it more interesting and flavorful.

Each catering is different. The food in addition to being unique can have different option like one- two appetizers, two-three choices of entrees – non-vegetarian and vegetarian; three or more salad options; two desserts. The catering experts at Comodore Guadalajara decide on the menu for the catering keeping in mind the time of year, and the seasonal items and ingredients available for preparing the food. Not only does it make the food unique, seasonal and fresh, but also keeps it different than the set menu that is available at any run of the mill restaurants and fast food chains.

Menu planning for your catering service is perhaps the most fun and enjoyable part of any event. With the help of expert advice from the Chef and the catering experts you simply cannot go wrong. With authenticity of food being the best bet, your party would simply rock with the culinary delights and titillate the food palates. Bon appetite!

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Out for lunch? Are you in a mood for something different, something original, something that could leave your taste buds asking for more, something on a budget but great food? And then you do not want to spend all that money on a quick lunch, yet feel guilty afterwards. WE have just the right answer for you. Original Mexican lunch specials made out of age old family recipes and served as lunch specials at Comedor Guadalajara in Phoenix.

No matter how ravenous you are, the quantities at Comedor Guadalajara is perfect and probably more than and not as little as lunch platters at other restaurants. This is just a great place to grab a bite with lunch specials ranging from Taco and Cheese enchiladas, Taco and Chicken Flauta, Taco and Bean Tostada, Bean tostada and Cheese enchilada, Taco and Beef Enchilada and many more. What’s more, they also have daily lunch specials which are innovative ideas from their signature recipes. You also get your choice of a couple of side dishes or “specials” to make your lunch ever satisfying. Sides such as coups, beans and rice are great accompaniments to original Mexican food.

The advantage with these lunch specials at Comedore Guadalajara is that you don’t land up emptying your bank with everyday lunch treats at the restaurant. In addition, you get to eat the best in authentic Mexican food fresh right out of the oven, served fresh and piping hot.

Even if you are not in the habit of having a lunch, a good restaurant and a good spread with specials like Pechuga Ranchera, Cocido de Res, Chile Relleno & Chicken Enchilada amongst others will ensure you heading out to that special restaurant of yours. Even for occasions where you would want to treat and socialize with your co-workers, this would be the ideal place where quality and quantity meets the price.

So here to lunchtime fun at fun prices! Bon Appetit!

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We decided on having a theme party with a difference. A party that would display authentic cuisine from a particular Region with distinct culture and flavor, along with the culture of the Region. We wanted it to be a unique party in every possible way -the event, the invites, and over and above the food that would keep you asking for more. What could be a better choice than authentic Mexican cuisine for the party? The diversity of Mexican food would add to the fun of the party. However, the challenge was to provide authentic food and not something, which was fusion cuisine that would pass of for Mexican food. Our search ended with Comedor Guadalajara – the restaurant that is well known for providing authentic cuisine down the generations, being run by a family known for their culinary distinctions.

Mexican food is zesty and a tad bit spicy for a regular palette. It was important to decide on the right spread of food from their menu. We decided to leave the choice of the spread to the Chef, who suggested on showcasing an entire seafood spread done up in Mexican style and taste. We made sure that the food provided would just not have the zesty Mexican flavor but would use the spices and the staples used in Mexican food like beans, corn rice amongst others.

It was also essential that the catering for the party in Phoenix would be done in purely Mexican style. After all it was all about the spirit that need to be highlighted and experienced by one and all. It was important on  deciding on the right caterer in Phoenix. We wanted someone who would care for our business and provide personalized attention to the food. After all, it was about a caterer in Phoenix who understood the essence of the party and would be proud to display their culinary talents that would keep the guests asking for more.

We were happy to choose Comedor Guadalajara, who not only provided the best authentic Mexican cuisine, but also did a wonderful job at catering for the party.

-A Happy Customer

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Comedor Guadalajara, located in Phoenix, Arizona at 1830 S. Central, continues to enjoy great success after two generations of family tradition. The restaurant was started in 1968 by Magdaleno Sanchez and is now run by daughters Teresa Sanchez-Hiller and Maria Sanchez-Gortarez as well as son Antonio Sanchez.

When their father opened the restaurant over 35 years ago, they had a four person team but have now grown to an operation of more than 50 associates. Part of their success can be attributed to the exceptional staff and management’s philosophy of treating their associates like family. But, it’s the authenticity of the great food served that keeps diners coming back time and again.

Offering sonoran style cuisine from the North part of Mexico, their authentic Mexican food is true to its heritage. One of their signature plates, Parillada Grande “Mariscada” or Seafood Grill, includes whole fresh water fish, shrimp, slipper tail lobster, squid, calamari and mussels. If seafood is your craving, you will enjoy the abundance of these culinary delights from the sea. Other specialties include Carne Asada (grilled steak), Carnitas de Puerco (pork loin) and Chile Relleno (stuffed chile).

Breakfast comes with its own specialties. Traditional dishes such as menudo, a spicy breakfast soup, can be found on the weekends. And, their newly added special of “Huevos con Nopalitos” should not be missed. Don’t forget your appetite on this dining out because the portions are plentiful.

Shamrock Foods salutes Comedor Guadalajara as part of ongoing Delicious Destinations travels.

- Marcela Jacober

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