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Authentic Mexican DishYou step into the room and the smells of the foods and spices from the kitchen embrace your senses. The aromas of roasted corn, beans simmering on the fire, and fresh seafood mix with the smells of chilies and other spices to excite you. Even with your eyes closed you sense that you have stepped into a world of authentic Mexican food.

Food in History

In every area of the world, people have always prepared foods from what was available to them in the region they lived in. People living near the sea were likely to have more fish in their cuisine, while people living in the mountains may have dishes made of goat or sheep. In tropical regions people may have an abundance of fruits, while in colder climates people may have relied on root vegetables.

The foods that people ate were often combined with herbs that grew nearby and this fusion of herbs with meats, vegetables, and fruits became the dishes that were prepared by people in that region for many years. As people began to travel outside of their regions, they visited places and met new people who shared their cuisine with the travelers. Sometimes the travelers carried some of the herbs and spices with them back to their native regions and new dishes were created with the new spices.

The people of Mexico were much like people from other parts of the world. In each region the Mexican people created dishes from the foods and spices that were readily available. Those who lived near the ocean used seafood in their dishes more often than those who lived farther from the ocean, and those who lived far away from the ocean created dishes using the plants and animals that were indigenous to the region they lived in.

When travelers from inland came to the coastal areas, they learned how to prepare seafood dishes and took what they learned back to their homes to share with their families. It is likely that the people who lived inland also brought meats and herbs with them to the coast to share with people there as well.

When the Spanish Conquistadors arrived in Central America they brought new foods and spices with them and new dishes were created with the fusion of Mexican and Spanish foods, spices, and culinary techniques.

Authentic Definition

To be considered authentic, a dish from any culture or region is one that is made from a recipe that has been used for at least 50 years and from ingredients that are native to the region where the recipe originated. An authentic dish is also prepared in a manner that is the same or similar to the way the original recipe was prepared.

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