Authentic Mexican Cuisine

We decided on having a theme party with a difference. A party that would display authentic cuisine from a particular Region with distinct culture and flavor, along with the culture of the Region. We wanted it to be a unique party in every possible way -the event, the invites, and over and above the food that would keep you asking for more. What could be a better choice than authentic Mexican cuisine for the party? The diversity of Mexican food would add to the fun of the party. However, the challenge was to provide authentic food and not something, which was fusion cuisine that would pass of for Mexican food. Our search ended with Comedor Guadalajara – the restaurant that is well known for providing authentic cuisine down the generations, being run by a family known for their culinary distinctions.

Mexican food is zesty and a tad bit spicy for a regular palette. It was important to decide on the right spread of food from their menu. We decided to leave the choice of the spread to the Chef, who suggested on showcasing an entire seafood spread done up in Mexican style and taste. We made sure that the food provided would just not have the zesty Mexican flavor but would use the spices and the staples used in Mexican food like beans, corn rice amongst others.

It was also essential that the catering for the party in Phoenix would be done in purely Mexican style. After all it was all about the spirit that need to be highlighted and experienced by one and all. It was important on  deciding on the right caterer in Phoenix. We wanted someone who would care for our business and provide personalized attention to the food. After all, it was about a caterer in Phoenix who understood the essence of the party and would be proud to display their culinary talents that would keep the guests asking for more.

We were happy to choose Comedor Guadalajara, who not only provided the best authentic Mexican cuisine, but also did a wonderful job at catering for the party.

-A Happy Customer

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