Holiday Food Ideas the Mexican Way

Mexican Christmas SaladWhen the holidays come around, the first thing that comes to mind, other than Christmas celebrations, is food. Any celebration or merry making is incomplete without food. Perhaps this is the only element of Christmas that allows you to experiment with different items. Well, some are more traditional and keep to the usual holiday food, more in keeping with the Christmas spirit, but some of us love to go a different route and find it fun to celebrate the holidays with cuisines from different parts of the world.

So why not try and experiment holiday dining this season with Mexican food?
To begin with, Christmas in Mexico is all about fun, getting together, and making traditional Mexican holiday food that you would love to share with friends and family. Though Mexican food is always fun and rich in ingredients and taste, special Mexican holiday food is made especially by families to celebrate the holidays and the recipes are handed over from generations to generations.

Where there is food, can drinks be far behind?
In addition, to the Mexican holiday food there is also traditional Mexican drinks that may or may be free of alcohol. So, something that is suitable for the young and the old, the little and the not so little.

So what typically is Mexican holiday food?

Mexican fiesta is a lavish spread of food with concoctions and ingredients that spice up the food in special ways.

  • Start with the famous Mexican Christmas salad which is a great combination of fruit with a unique tangy dressing. This is a colorful and healthy Mexican recipe and it is easy to make. The flavors are unique and combine to give it a robust and rich note, leaving you asking for more.
  • One can make special Enchiladas with a red sauce while some can be spruced up with a creamy sauce.
  • The traditional Spanish rice can be made tastier with special fresh spices and made more interesting with refried beans, nacho chips, guacamole and salsa.
  • Get a little adventurous and add seafood to your holiday cuisine this winter. Shrimps, lobster dips, scallops and other forms of seafood can certainly make holiday dining more exciting.
  • The Mexican peacock is an age old recipe that is a must for the traditional meat eaters. Add beans cooked in different styles with various toppings that make it all the more flavorful.
  • Make a special Mexican flan for those special sweet endings.
  • Did I say endings? The sweetness would be incomplete without the traditional Mexican Bunuelos. They are festive Mexican cookies that are enjoyed by everyone. As a tradition these cookies are served broken into pieces with hot anisette-flavored syrup poured over them.

Certainly this Christmas ask friends to share their age old recipes and bring them to your table. The world is going global, so why not bring the world to your dining table and try a different cuisine each evening. Bon Apetit and Cheers to the Christmas spirit!

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