Lunch Time Fun and Fun Prices

Out for lunch? Are you in a mood for something different, something original, something that could leave your taste buds asking for more, something on a budget but great food? And then you do not want to spend all that money on a quick lunch, yet feel guilty afterwards. WE have just the right answer for you. Original Mexican lunch specials made out of age old family recipes and served as lunch specials at Comedor Guadalajara in Phoenix.

No matter how ravenous you are, the quantities at Comedor Guadalajara is perfect and probably more than and not as little as lunch platters at other restaurants. This is just a great place to grab a bite with lunch specials ranging from Taco and Cheese enchiladas, Taco and Chicken Flauta, Taco and Bean Tostada, Bean tostada and Cheese enchilada, Taco and Beef Enchilada and many more. What’s more, they also have daily lunch specials which are innovative ideas from their signature recipes. You also get your choice of a couple of side dishes or “specials” to make your lunch ever satisfying. Sides such as coups, beans and rice are great accompaniments to original Mexican food.

The advantage with these lunch specials at Comedore Guadalajara is that you don’t land up emptying your bank with everyday lunch treats at the restaurant. In addition, you get to eat the best in authentic Mexican food fresh right out of the oven, served fresh and piping hot.

Even if you are not in the habit of having a lunch, a good restaurant and a good spread with specials like Pechuga Ranchera, Cocido de Res, Chile Relleno & Chicken Enchilada amongst others will ensure you heading out to that special restaurant of yours. Even for occasions where you would want to treat and socialize with your co-workers, this would be the ideal place where quality and quantity meets the price.

So here to lunchtime fun at fun prices! Bon Appetit!

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