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Are you in charge of organizing an event for your office? And, that includes deciding on the lunch or dinner menu as well as finalizing on the caterers. To begin with, it is essential to decide on the kind of cuisine that you would want to have. Given the background of your guests and their ethnic origin, you can decide on a cuisine that is new to them and simply wow them with the authenticity on offer. You could also choose a cuisine that gets your taste buds alive with a good balance of great tasting spicier meals as well as milder ones, for those who prefer food that is easy on the stomach. You got it right? For your guests you can decide on Mexican cuisine that will simply impress them right from the word go.

While deciding on Mexican cuisine, you can look for restaurants that serve authentic Mexican food. Comedor Guadalajara in Phoenix is a family restaurant known to serve authentic Mexican food, made from recipes followed by generations. Comedor Guadalajara has a great selection of catering options for every occasion, whether it’s a wedding, or an official gathering, or, an informal get together of friends and family. Each catering is personalized to the extent that the Chef is personally involved in helping decide the menu that would be the right fit for the occasion. In addition to the menu being customized for different tastes and numbers, it is accompanied by pints and quarts of your favorite Mexican sauces and sides, to make it more interesting and flavorful.

Each catering is different. The food in addition to being unique can have different option like one- two appetizers, two-three choices of entrees – non-vegetarian and vegetarian; three or more salad options; two desserts. The catering experts at Comodore Guadalajara decide on the menu for the catering keeping in mind the time of year, and the seasonal items and ingredients available for preparing the food. Not only does it make the food unique, seasonal and fresh, but also keeps it different than the set menu that is available at any run of the mill restaurants and fast food chains.

Menu planning for your catering service is perhaps the most fun and enjoyable part of any event. With the help of expert advice from the Chef and the catering experts you simply cannot go wrong. With authenticity of food being the best bet, your party would simply rock with the culinary delights and titillate the food palates. Bon appetite!

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