The Best in Mexican Food

When you are in search of great Mexican food, you want to find a restaurant that displays a certain degree of good character. It may seem that every Mexican restaurant you have been going to tends to offer the same Americanized menu selections as every other. Your expectations of Mexican food are beginning to rise, and no restaurant seems to cater to your needs. If you want to enjoy exquisite and traditional Mexican food, look no further than Comedor Guadalajara.

What qualities does a meal require to be considered traditional Mexican food? Mexican food is famous for its use of fresh and locally grown produce such as cilantro, peppers, chiles, corn, garlic and onion. Although, the key ingredient of Mexican food is love. Comedor Guadalajara serves authentic Mexican food in its purest form. Providing a warm atmosphere that is lavishly decorated; the environment provides the feeling you get when at a restaurant in the actual city of Guadalajara. For those of you that avoid chain restaurants: Comedor Guadalajara is a family owned and oriented business, guaranteeing that the staff is friendly and treat you as if you were a member of their family.

Comedor Guadalajara offers a diverse menu that is guaranteed to excite even those who have the most demanding of palates. Family favorites such as tacos, enchiladas and burritos are only the beginning of the great dishes this restaurant has to offer. More complex dishes include items such as the famous Chile Relleno (cheese stuffed chile in egg batter) and the Pollo En Mole (chicken in a spicy, semi-sweet sauce). Comedor Guadalajara also offers many seafood based dishes, which are rare in U.S. located Mexican restaurants. Cooked to perfection, the fresh seafood ingredients include shrimp, octopus, tilapia, red snapper and calamari. Come dine at Comedor Guadalajara today, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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