Tips and Tricks for Making Mexican Seafood

Fish tacoYou may be a regular at your favorite Mexican restaurant, and often wonder how they manage to create those delicious entrees that you so enthusiastically enjoy. Although, it is fathomable that the main ingredients of nearly every great Mexican dish are years of tradition, practice, and dedication; the physical ingredients, and combinations of spices will be a complete mystery to someone whom does not have experience in the art of Mexican cooking. You may really enjoy Mexican seafood, and know no further how to make a dish than the shrimp or type of fish that is mentioned on the menu.

Today we will provide a few tips and tricks for making Mexican seafood:

Shrimp Tacos:
Shrimp tacos are a common favorite for seafood lovers, and can be a very simple entree to make for your family and guests at home. You simply need shrimp, vegetables of your choice, and a great home made salsa to add spice to your meal. Generally, you would lightly fry the shrimp and vegetables such as onions and peppers. Any great Mexican dish can benefit from a salsa or special sauce! The salsa should be composed of: tomatoes, green chiles, onions, cilantro, cayenne pepper, garlic, and whatever else you may wish to add. Accompany said dish with seasoned rice and beans to complete the entree.

Add Spices:
All great Mexican seafood is made with fresh fish, and an exciting blend of crushed herbs and spices. Many common herbs and spices which are used in Mexican seafood include: garlic, cilantro, cayenne pepper, chile powder, bay leaves, and a bit of saffron. An inexpensive addition to add flavor to your Mexican seafood is store bought Sazon packets. Be sure to add lime to your Mexican seafood to add a bit of zest to any dish! Also be sure to fry the fish until it is slightly crispy to add texture to your meal.

Cooking traditional Mexican seafood is a very delicate process, and it may take a bit of time to get the feel for it. It is important to keep your determination and will to learn going. Ask friends, restaurant owners, and seek advice and recipes from Mexican cooking sites on the web, and in cookbooks. You are sure to find the key to successfully creating delicious Mexican seafood with persistent effort and patience!

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